Your Next Favorite Framework

Secure by default. Silky smooth from tiny to huge apps.


Worry less about security: Lift is resistant to CSRF and replay attacks out of the box, and escapes all HTML by default making script injection a risk you have to make explicit.

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Comet & AJAX

Build real-time and async apps effortlessly: Lift uses actors to manage real-time push, and provides simple AJAX forms and callbacks with a few lines of code.

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View First

Build your application the way it will be used: Lift starts with the pages your users see, and builds the application around that.

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Start with fast, easily understood transformations & callbacks, then optimize as needed by using expressive REST endpoints, embedded HTML, and statelessness.

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Who Uses Lift?

Lift feels just as great in tiny sites and large, complex applications. Here are a few of the folks using Lift successfully.

The ease of developing complex interactive ajax web pages enabled a very rapid port from our previous platform. In addition, the support we've gotten from David Pollak and the rest of the Lift team has been invaluable.